Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy mail day!

I was very surprised when this parcel turned up from Holland today as I wasn't expecting anything from the Auspost delivery guy!! It looked so nice all tied up together - I didn't want to couldn't wait to unwrap it though!
 The most amazing package from Wendy (wen_ot) with the lovely 3D pinwheel mini quilt and some pretty goodies in my favourite colour:)
 These little owls in their fabric nest are so cute...
Although the pin wheels may take a few days to recover from their 3 week trip from the Netherlands to Australia.......
 And the quilt matches the wall in my dining room perfectly - I'll hang it properly later on but I wanted to take photos right away.
Thank you so much Wendy - it is just gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see all of the other finished quilts in the DS DQ swap as they are due to go out by the end of next weekend.


  1. Oh Kirsten, you lucky duck! I love the pinwheels. So pleased you received a beautiful DS quilt.

  2. wow, lucky you! I wish I'd known about this swap... lol, its so hard to keep track of everything going on in blogland! Your DS DQ you made is gorgeous btw, just skimmed through that post as well.

  3. Hi Kirsten! That was a wonderful suprise! That 3D quilt is amazing and I haven't seen before! I wonder what those cute owls are for?
    Wishes from Teje