Friday, October 21, 2011

An "Authentic" quilt

 It was also my Dad’s birthday this week, and it was a very special one for him as it was his 70th! We are having a family get together next weekend when I will be able to give him the "Windfarm” quilt that I made earlier this year from a pattern by  Cheryl Goss of Willowberry Designs.
My maiden name is “Mills” and these blocks remind me a bit of windmills too so I thought it was quite fitting for him to have this one.
I do think that the “Authentic” fabrics are just perfect for a “guy” quilt - especially one who loves Sudoko as much as my Dad does!!
And there were a couple of pillows to go with it that I made using the leftover HST”s from the border.
These were the start of my current HST addiction………

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  1. Your "authentic" quilt and pillows are gorgeous, really. I was always a fan of this fabric line (as I am of all lettered fabrics) and you made a wonderful set out of it! Thanks so much, Kirsten, for submitting your pillow to my Pillow Talk, it's a beautiful entry, and good luck ;-)

  2. Love your dad quilt Kirtsen - the `windmills` and the fabric are lovely. My mum was 70 this year and I am about to make her a quilt too. I`m sure he`s going to love it!

  3. Love your dad`s quilt Kirsten - the `windmills` and the fabric are so lovely. I am about to make my mum one for her 70th this year. Your dad will LOVE it!

  4. Gorgeous quilt and I love the cushions too. That fabric is great!

  5. Lovely birthday gift for your dad and I hope he has a wonderful day.

  6. This is lovely, I'm sure your Dad will love it. I really like these colours, maybe enough that I might need to go and buy some right now....

  7. Fantastic Quilt! And I love your blog design. So bright and cheerful! Happy to have discovered you while blog surfing this evening.