Monday, April 2, 2012

"Other" sewing projects....

I have only started quilting in the past couple of years, but when my children were younger I used to make clothes for them - dresses for Gem and simple elastic waisted shorts for the boys. Now Gemma does jazz/modern dancing and I have occasionally helped out with the costume making. 
This circular skirt was made for a routine from "Grease" - this was quite easy really and the poodle was a ready made applique from Spotlight:
Recently, Gem asked me to make a tulle tu-tu for their school swimming carnival which was held recently as the kids all dress up in their house colours and have a fun day cheering each other on. Their house colour is orange and the only orange tulle we could find was either a pale apricot or a very bright fluorescent shade - guess which one we bought:)
I used an old blade in my rotary cutter to cut about a million lots of 1.5 inch wide strips then tied them onto the elastic using a slip knot -  there is a tutorial here . We also made one for Gemmas friend (so they would match) and found some orange leggings to go with them. At least she can use it next year too - and then maybe one of her younger brothers might be crazy enough to wear it.
How about you - do you do much other sewing apart from mainly "quilting" projects? 
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  1. Your daughter looks likes she knows how to have fun! Love the fun costumes!

  2. How funny, I just posted about some sewing totally unrelated to quilting today as well! Your daughter is lucky her mom makes such fun stuff for her!

  3. A collection of nice discreet outfits there ;o) I've done clothes and bags and bears and, well, all sorts really!

  4. Nice work! Your daughter is beautiful. :)

  5. Very cute! Love the swirly faces, too!

    I'm stopping by from QuiltStory's Link-up.