Thursday, April 26, 2012

For the Love of Solids Swap (2)

Now my swap partner Leona has received her FLOS swap parcel after it was travelling around the world for 8 weeks, I can finally share a few more pictures of what I sent.

I made a colourful pillow cover in solid HST's backed in her favourite shade of Tangerine.............
to go with the main item which was a rainbow mini Swoon quilt. 
I also included some 6.5" squares of organic cotton solids and a felt needle book.
I am so relieved that this parcel finally made it to Leona as I have been unable to track its progress from Australia and was sure it had gone missing somewhere along the way. 



  1. OMG! It took that long to arrive. You must have thought it was lost permanently. So glad it is now where it should be and you can show it off too. I love every last bit of this parcel!

  2. oh wow - that was a close one! So glad this marvelous package finally arrived! It would have been a super shame to have that amazing Swoon LOST!

  3. Oh my gosh, 8 weeks!! That's incredible. Wouldn't be surprised if it WAS lost along the way at least at some point. Yikes! Glad it arrived though, and it's an awesome package. I'm sure Leona loves it.

  4. Oh it was worth waiting for wasn`t it - just beautiful Kirsten!

  5. Wow!! I am surprised it took so long but so glad it arrived! Yay!!