Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Ruby Sparkles

I had the Ruby Sparkles quilt top all pin basted then I noticed this...... :(
Stephanie had said in her pattern instructions to be careful about orientating the HST's correctly and I hadn't noticed until I have reached the last corner of pinning!!
Luckily, I had sewn my blocks together in rows and not in quadrants as per the pattern (I do need to read patterns more thoroughly!) so this makes it easier to correct my mistake.
Oh well, at least it is on the edge so just a little bit to unpick then onto the quilting.
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  1. Don't you just hate it when you are almost finished something then see you need to fix a mistake...I know I do

  2. Oh that`s just what I would do - I love the effect of HSTs, but orientating them requires concentration. Good luck with unpicking - it looks gorgeous by the way!

  3. Aww, man! Couldn't you have embraced the Amish ideal of leaving something imperfect in each quilt they make? :oD

  4. I am with Katy on this truly unnoticed :)

  5. As you said, at least it was on the edge. You would be less calm if it was smack bang in the middle. The quilt top is looking fab though.

  6. Regardless of that little mistake, the quilt is looking fabulous!

  7. Very nice! Too bad about the misorientation but at least relatively easy to fix...tho I like Katy's idea too! ;-)