Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tula 100 blocks City Sampler quilt

A few months ago I decided to join in the Tula Pink City Sampler quilt sew -along to make  #100days100blocks where the idea was to sew a block each day for the 100 days.
This started as a great way to use up some of my Tula stash left over from the Pixel Perfect quilt.
I have really enjoyed sewing along with hundreds of others from all over the world on IG and seeing their beautiful blocks each day.
These are my 100 blocks after sashing - I basically followed the colours from the book and even the same prints if I had them otherwise I would still be choosing fabrics for my blocks:)
The layout I decided to use was "Gridlocked" from Tulas book although I needed to rearrange a few blocks that didn't quite fit the colour gradient.
There are quite a few other layout ideas listed in the book and I have also seen some amazing ideas on Pinterest, flickr and IG.  
I had this quilted at my LQS - Rainbow Patchwork, and chose some of the gorgeous Tula Free Fall in Orchid for the backing, before binding in the raspberry diamond print from Acacia.
Thank you so much to the fabulous hosts of this fun sew along - @gnomeangel, @sunflowerquilting, and @sweetlittlepretties!
This was on my FAL Q4 list for this year so linking up with the 2016 FAL team.
2016 FAL


  1. wow! - that looks great - love the rainbow effect.

  2. Pretty! So very encouraging too. I have the book, but haven't gotten past 6 blocks. Of course, I have moved twice since doing the last square. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it! ;))

  3. This turned out SO beautiful! You did a fantastic job with color!

  4. This is such a stunning quilt Kirsten...dare I say I love it better than the original! Congratulations on another wonderful finish!

  5. I am easily sidetracked, so I only have the first 5 blocks completed, so I admire your tenacity to get a finished quilt. It's gorgeous! And gives me inspiration to pull out my fabric and start in again on it. Thanks!

  6. Impressive! I love it! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

  7. Doing the 100days100blocks2018 challenge. Love your end result. I hope mine looks even half as good as yours.

  8. This may be an impossible question, but what gray fabric did you use! I love this!