Thursday, September 20, 2012

X-factor pillow received - Circle squared

Earlier this week  I received a parcel from Lisa (Incorgiable2) all the way from Canada, which contained an amazing pillow from the X-Factor pillow swap.

This pillow is called "Circle-Squared" and Lisa has used some tiny squares of pretty green, aqua and blue-grey fabrics in the centre patchworked piece.

It is quilted it in a grid pattern which really compliments the whole design. I love the texty print and dotty binding too. 

And the cute typewriters that are on the back remind me of my school days doing typing in class - a subject I took little knowing how handy it would come in now that we use keyboards all the time! I used to type up school/uni assignments on a typewriter just like these ones with a bottle of liquid paper at my side to correct typos. 
These are my swap pillows all on our bed - they really do look fabulous together I think!


  1. this is absolutely gorgeous! Next time I need to join a pillow swap. They look amazing!

  2. The cushions look great together! The typewriter fabric is very special too!

  3. What a great pillow! Yay for Canada. :) The three cushions, though each so different, do look great together!

  4. Love both the front and back of this!

  5. What a gorgeous pillow! That Canadian can really build 'em.

  6. It's gorgeous Kirsten - I love the colour palette your partner has used. The swap pillows look fab together and the solid improvs. one is amazing!

  7. Such a lovely pillow collection!


  8. I love the background fabric on the front of the cushion & the typewriters.
    Lucky you!
    Cheers Lush