Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday at the Table

Both of my sons, as well as my husband play sport so that means travelling to various locations on the North Coast for their games. Last Friday night we went over to Lennox Head for my sons rugby semi-final and as they needed to be there an hour early for warm ups, we decided to find somewhere nice to go for dinner. 
We remembered that there was a Mexican restaurant not far from the fields so that was an easy choice - the town where we live had a great Mexican place (which is where we had our first date over 20 years ago) but it has closed down and we really miss it. We both chose the Chimichangas for dinner - beef and chicken so we could swap and have one of each. They came with side dishes of beans, rice and honey salad, and I think I liked the beef one more.
Afterwards we bought a refreshing lemon gelato from one of the ice cream shops and walked back to the fields to watch our sons rugby game.

My husband plays for the team in the red and black (green is Lennox Head) and they have made it to the finals this weekend - so we will all be going to watch him on Saturday afternoon. He recently played his 100th game for this team so maybe then he can hang up his footy boots for good:)

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  1. That chimichanga looks great! Those are one of my favorite things to get at our Mexican restaurant, too. And I love that you call your husbands rugby cleats "footy boots"!

  2. Red and black..our school colours! After 100 games, are you ready to give up the washing of all that rugby gear?

  3. I like the food more than rugby but if the weather is nice, I love to watch my son play as well. Hope no one got hurt and good luck to your husbands team

  4. Good luck on the finals!! My hubby LOVES Mexican. That's his favorite type of food.

  5. I love going to watch the kids play sports, and then eat somewhere fun afterwards. Good times!
    Yay for the red and black!!!

  6. Yes end of season with sport can be crazy especially when they make finals. We hardly ever get to Lennox but they do have great restaurants and ice cream. Fish and chips from the Bream Hole is always a quick dinner. My husband and I are off to celebrate 10 years at 561 Alphadale on Friday. It s my favourite local restaurant. I was a rugby widow earlier in our marriage but he has taken up early morning road cycling which does not impact family life too much.

  7. Heh, love how you escaped the kids for some good food, you need some fortification for standing on the sidelines!