Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Stash

A few weeks ago a I received a lovely email telling me to get on over to Spoonflower where you were able to order a FQ of one of their fabrics for free and were only required to pay postage costs!! I browsed through Spoonflower and found a gorgeous fabric by one of my favourite designers: Valentina Ramos.
This fabric is called "Eli" - can you see the cute elephant hiding in there? When I got an new mobile phone at Christmas, I bought one of Valentinas iphone 4 covers which I really love, which was also of an elephant.
And I would also like to wish my daughter a very happy 17th birthday for this week too. With all 3 children's birthdays in 10 days it is a fairly busy time of the year at our house
.I managed to convince them to get a photo together under the Yesterday-Today- Tomorrow tree which I try to do at this time each year. 


  1. Your children look lovely! Are the boys twins?

  2. Your daughter is beautiful. The twins are handsome. The fabric is fabulous. Happy Sunday!

  3. Ahh, so you're the one that didn't order the Heather Ross from Spoonflower ;o) Love the hidden ellies and the phone cover. Happy birthday to your daughter!

  4. Darling picture of the kids! Love that fabric too!

  5. Fun spoonflower - I imbibed too! Very fun pic of the kiddos!

  6. Great picture of your kids! They grow up too fast don't they? Love the i phone cover, now you can make something to go with it out of your new fabric!