Sunday, July 2, 2017

Quilt shopping in the USA

Whilst on holidays overseas recently, I managed to come across a couple of lovely quilt stores in two of the towns we stopped at.
The first one was Prickly Pear Quilts in Helena, Montana USA. Hubby actually spotted it whilst we were having lunch so I wandered in to have a look around - luckily there was a pub opposite for him to visit whilst I was at the quilt store:)
I was only able to make some small purchases due to luggage constraints - the Legendary pattern by Elizabeth Hartman, a green batik jelly roll for the trees with and a cute little zip pouch. 
The reason for choosing the Legendary pattern was that we had stopped at Harrison Hot Springs in British Colombia, Canada, a few days earlier and hubby had his photo taken with the local "Sasquatch". I had said at the time that when I got home I was going to make the Legendary quilt to remember our time away. Also, I have already made a few of Elizabeths patterns and know how good they all are!
The other quilt shop we found was The Rushin' Tailors Quilt Alaska in Skagway, Alaska.
The walls of this store were covered in beautiful quilts.
And lots of lovely fabrics also - many of them also Alaskan themed.
The quilts were just stunning - hubby had come into the store with me this time and even he commented on how amazing they were!
And they even had a fabulous Fancy Forest quilt up on the wall.
I only bought a few brownish batiks to use in the Legendary quilt to go along with another woodgrain type print for the trees.
It was so enjoyable to be able to visit these stores and to see some different fabrics and quilts to what we have here in Australia.
Now, with the addition of some Basic grey Grunge fabric and more batik for the backing, I have all of the supplies to make my very own Legendary quilt to remind us of our wonderful trip to Canada and the USA.


  1. I have been to that quilt shop in Alaska. It is amazing and I loved so much in it. I have to confess that I bought a kit for one of the quilts on the wall and I haven't started it yet. It has been a number of years!! Looking forward to seeing your quilt.

  2. Fun that you got some of your fabrics on your trip too!

  3. You were vey wise in your choices Kirsten and will have a wonderful quilt with meaningful memories behind it.