Thursday, June 29, 2017

Narciso beanie

This beanie was finished in time for me to wear it whilst were on our recent cruise to Alaska.
And as it was made from 100% wool, it was very warm and cosy.
I used one of the medium sized looms (like the ones in the photo below) to make the beanie.
And there was enough yarn leftover to also make the fun pompom for the top of the beanie.
This was on my FAL Q2 list for this year so linking up with the 2017 FAL team.


  1. Your beanie is very cute Kirsten! I never knew those looms worked like that!

  2. I would love to learn how to use the loom. LOL

  3. Hope you had fun on the cruise. The beanie is really cute. Congratulations on your finish. On behalf of the 2017FAL hosts, thanks for linking up.