Sunday, June 19, 2016

Tula Pink in Australia (part 1)

As many of you know, the amazing Tula Pink is in Australia at the moment, and I attended her trunk show at the Gold Coast yesterday. Tula was a wonderful speaker and was very generous with her time for questions, autographs and photos. 
Marquis (Moonshine) - hand pieced hexagons.
 City Sampler - from Tulas 100 modern quilt blocks book.
Space Dust (The Birds and the Bees) and the mini version in True Colours.
 And the back of Space Dust...
Scurvy - named because sailors often succumbed to scurvy due to lack of vitamin C and they ended up looking like this...
Gothic Arches - it was during a visit to England that Tula became interested in the history of Elizabeth I and the "Elizabeth" fabric collection features many designs inspired by Tudor era (chain mail, ships, pelicans, and pearls)
And another gorgeous full backing featuring the "16th century selfie".
Moth/Butterfly quilt (Eden) - maybe one day I will make this quilt as I still have a FQ bundle of Eden.
 Hearts (Slow and Steady)
 Fandango quilt  (Slow and Steady)
Pre-cut Hexagons quilt (Slow and Steady)
So those were the quilts - as I took quite a few photos, I have split this blog post into 2 parts so the bags and quilting details will follow shortly.


  1. Very cool! I would have loved to have seen her quilts, especially the City Sampler! Sure glad you got to go see her!