Monday, February 2, 2015

Sunday Stash - Doe

A few days ago I received a lovely bundle of Doe from Westwood Acres - I really love the neutrals in Carolyn Friedlanders prints!
I am trying to not make too many fabric purchases until I work my way through my stash, but as this was pre-ordered late last year it doesn't really count??:)
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  1. You do have a substantial stash Kirsten! I will be looking out for what you make from this marvellous bundle!

  2. Ha, I'm having the same sort of challenge, trying not to buy more until I've used some stash up!

  3. I have been resisting this line! I love so many of the prints but I can feel my resistance crumbling...! Maybe a larger piece of just a very few of my most favourite fabrics...?!

  4. That's what I tell myself as I wait for my Liberty subscription and AMH pre order to arrive.