Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cotton and Steel mini quilt swap

If you are on IG, you will have seen that there are quite a few swaps going on at the moment! One of the swaps I couldn't resist joining is the Cotton and Steel mini quilt swap - I think there are over 600 participants in this swap and this time I am also a swap mama with a team of about 46 stitchers!
Cotton and Steel is an amazing fabric range that came out last year from a team of 5 designers and they have taken the sewing world by storm - the second line of fabrics have just been released and they are just as gorgeous as the first!
I used some of the "August" fabrics my Sarah Watts in the belated birthday "Leo" Super Tote for my mum last year.
This is the mosaic I posted to the group  - this swap is not due until June but I have already been sewing with some of the fabrics for another project:)
Linking to WIP Wednesday @ Freshly Pieced.


  1. You are quite the swapper Kirsten! I look forward to seeing what you make for this swap! The sneak peek is very enticing!

  2. Love Cotton & Steel... though I've yet to cut into mine! Still waiting for the perfect project!

  3. Oh, I could think of about a million projects to make with Cotton & Steel. Your combos look great so far.

  4. These look like beautiful fabrics. I've been seeing Cotton and Steel everywhere online and just haven't had a chance to go looking for it in person yet!

  5. Oh, good reminder, I need to post a mosaic!