Saturday, November 3, 2012

DS mini quilt swap

This week I received a lovely Denyse Schmidt mini quilt from Laurel (Ellebees) as part of the DS Quilts doll quilt swap!
Laurel made such a beautiful mini quilt using some of the new Chicopee fabrics which are one of my favourite ranges, and she did some really fabulous FMQ as well - I really love the pebbly quilting and the binding.
Laurel was also my partner in the swap, and I made her the Denyse's Granny quilt using a few Hope Valley prints which she likes.


  1. Did you know you were making DS minis for each other or was it a secret swap? Both minis are stunning Kirsten!

  2. Matched partners again? I agree - both darling.

  3. I love both of these. I always enjoy your granny squares!

  4. Love the quilting she did! Great swap.

  5. I love the border next to the binding... Really noteworthy :)