Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday at the Summer table - Chorizo & Haloumi pasta

It is "Grilling" week at Tuesday at the Summer Table this week, and although I have posted this recipe before, it is such a perfect BBQ dish that I thought I would do it again. Whether on it's own as a quick meal or as a side dish for a BBQ this is a great recipe. The unusual texture and salty taste of the haloumi really makes it special!
You need: 
-chorizo sausages (2-3): sliced
-250 g haloumi cheese: cut into thin strips
-punnet of cherry tomatoes: cut into halves 
-spinach leaves
-black pepper
-olive oil 

Cook the pasta and drain. 
Fry the chorizo on the flat BBQ plate, or pan fry in a small amount of olive oil.
On the same flat plate  or pan, cook the haloumi for a minute or two on each side until it is golden in colour. After it cools, cut into bite sized pieces.
Add both of these to the pasta, along with the cherry tomatoes and mix through. 
Serve, garnishing with spinach leaves and cracked black pepper.
This is a photo of a typical Aussie bloke cooking a BBQ - note the bottle of beer in hand which is sometimes used to pour over the steak or onions and gives them a great flavour. And you can even cook a chook (chicken) on a beer can:)
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  1. I love it: SOMETIMES the beer is poured over the steak or onions. haha. This sounds SO interesting with the haloumi - I really need to hunt that down!! Thanks for reminding me to try this recipe & thanks for linking up to the {summer} table!

  2. Another great recipe. You are on a roll with the food lately! Thanks.

  3. Looks delicious. I love to see the 'typical' Aussia BBQ. I'm going to share something typical of where I live today too - gotta get the post written up though!

  4. oops, I meant Aussie, not Aussia!