Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tuesday at the {summer} table

Debbie is holding a month long event celebrating summer and the things we enjoy at the table. This week she has suggested beverages and appetizers so although we are coming into winter here in Australia, I thought I would share some of our Aussie favourites!
A Quilter’s Table
Firstly, this is a very refreshing punch recipe that my mum always makes on Christmas day as it is in the middle of our summer so is usually a very hot day. And this is great for both kids and adults as it is non-acoholic.
1 large can of pine/orange juice
1 bottle lemonade
1 bottle of ginger ale
Tinned fruit salad 
ice cubes or crushed ice to chill
mint leaves for garnish

Mix all of the above together and garnish with the mint leaves.

And we often make a Spinach Cob to nibble on whilst we are waiting for the BBQ to cook - you can use low/reduced fat varieties of the ingredients for this as well.You can also make this with added bacon pieces or substitute asparagus for the spinach.

1 packet of frozen spinach
1 packet of Spring vegetable soup mix
1 tub of cream cheese 
1 250ml carton of sour cream
1 cup of grated cheese
1 cob loaf (or a Vienna Loaf)
extra bread sticks 

Thaw spinach and drain most of the water out.
Hollow out centre of cob loaf and bake in oven until crusty
Mix together spinach, cream cheese, sour cream and grated cheese and stir well until smooth then put into hollowed out centre of cob
You can also heat this in the oven by replacing the cut off top of the cob, then wrapping in foil.
Break up the bread removed from the centre of the cob, and use this along with the extra bread to dip into cob

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  1. mmm.mmm. good. These both sound delish. I've never heard the round loaf of bread called a 'cob' loaf, so that is interesting to me. And the punch looks refreshing - love the addition of the mint! Thanks much for sharing and linking up, even though it's not summer in Australia!