Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The mid-Winter stitching check in

FairyFace Designs

I joined in the Winter Stitching challenge with Sarah at Fairy Face designs  and it is now time for a review of how things are going so far:)

1. Finish my Amy Butler starflower quilt – check
 2. Sew a table runner for the Modern Christmas Table runner swap – check

3. Make a christmas decoration for the above swap too - check
 4. Make a quilt for a baby due early next year – in progress. 

5. Make a “plus” quilt with the DS fabrics – check
 6. Make a “Surf” themed quilt for my BIL and his wife - check
 7. Make a fabric basket or two for Christmas pressies - check
 8. Finish my "Quilt Process" mini quilt – no further progress!
  9. Make a quilt for my friend V who should be back visiting here over the holidays – check
 10. I would like to make a quilt with predominantly red and aqua as I really love this colour combo – in progress, a Sparkle Plenty quilt using some Ruby fabric leftover from the tote bag I made.
Round 2 for the Love of Solids swap - have signed up for this again and partner assigned last week - this is my mosaic:
 Other items done but not on the list: a quilted tote bag, mini starflower quilt, DS log cabin pillow, started a Mango tango quilt for the Tangerine Tango challenge, have fabrics ready to make a Swoon quilt, made a couple of "plus" table runners and wrote a tutorial on how I made them. 
At this stage I have done 7/10 and the rest are in progress so things are looking good so far - the kids are due to go back to school next week so I will probably have a better chance of sewing again!



  1. wow - another one with a high level of creative productivity - love that ds plus quilt - i'm going to have to make one of these..

  2. You have been so productive! Can't wait to see you finish your list!

  3. Wow - what a bunch of great projects!!

  4. Oooh, well done you! I think I may have been a tad over-ambitious with my list!

  5. you have done a great job of keeping up with your winter stitching plan

  6. Love that Plus quilt! Its gorgeous!!

  7. So wonderful!! I'm in love with the plus quilt and that mini quilt too! The basket is fab, do you have a pattern?? I think you're going to have to increase your list ;)

  8. Love that Christmas Table runner and the little decoration that went with it!

  9. Wow, Kirsten, fab projects here, you've done so much! Love that process mini, and your starflower quilt is fab :-) Thanks for linking up x