Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pay It Forward

I saw this great idea on Keera's blog last week and thought I'd join in, and seeing as I have just reached 50 51 52 (woo hoo!!) lovely followers thought it was perfect timing to post about it on my blog, as a way of saying thank you. 
So, the Pay It Forward works like this: 

 1. I will send a handmade crafty item to each of the first 3 people who comment on this post (you will need to have a blog of your own to play though), 

2. If you are wanting to participate, then you need to be willing to do a PIF project yourself by posting a similar message about the Pay it Forward on your blog, 

3. The gift from me will be sent at any time over the next 365 days so when you receive it will be a surprise :) 

 4. Then if you are one of the first 3 to comment, I will contact you so that you can send me your postal address, as well as your blog and flickr site if you have one so that I can look at your profile and favourites to see what kind of stuff you like. Also, if you think you may be a "no reply" blogger, please leave me some other way of contacting you in your comment. Thanks. 
This will be open for the first three comments only so get in quickly if you want to be involved. 

And because this wouldn't be a proper post without a photo, here is one of a label which I ordered from Bright Star Kids here in Australia after winning a voucher from them in a giveaway at Whip Up recently. Bright Star Kids make lots of different labels as well as wall art and I thought these would be handy to use as quilt labels:



  1. Kirsten, well done on the followers finding you and appreciating you. Well deserved. I can't be in the PIF though as I still owe one of mine from a PIF I signed up for last winter! But I am sure you will have your takers because they will be thrilled to have something made by you.

  2. I love your label! Great idea!

  3. Hi Kirsten. I would love to have something handmade from you if you are still willing to do this. I've already done three PIF winner, but I'm willing to do three more. This is such a great thing to do.