Friday, September 30, 2011

DS mini quilt

DS DQS button by kirsten67, on Flickr

I have finished the first of the two DS Picnic and Fairgrounds mini/doll quilts that I am making for the DSDQ swap. I have quite a number of things coming up in the next few weeks (a weekend away to celebrate my parents 70th birthdays, a work conference for which I am part of the organising committee, Brisbane craft and quilt fair) so I don’t want to be still sewing when we are due to send!
I did a warm/cool design to make use the different colours of the DS fabrics:
 And chose a plain dark blue for the back so the variegated coloured threads I used would show up:
Linking up to Mini Quilt Mondays (on a Friday again!) with Faith at Fresh Lemons.
Fresh Lemons Quilts

And to {Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations and to Fabric Tuesday at Quiltstory (links in sidebar).


  1. I love the warm/cool design! gorgeous :) The variegated thread looks great too

  2. I love it - and if I am one of your partners then I am very happy for you to continue down this path!

  3. Love this warm/cool mini quilt! DS Picnic and Fairgrounds are my favorites, you used them beautifully!

  4. I love your little quilt!! :o)

  5. Kirsten, this looks fabulous! Lucky partner! I so love the yellow prints in those lines. Wish they were available up here!