Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tula Sugar Skulls pillow

I have had the new Tula Pink book "Quilt with Tula and Angela" for about a year now so thought it was time to actually make something from it.
One of the many projects in the the book is the Sugar Skulls quilt, and as Halloween was coming up I decided to sew one of the blocks to use for a cushion/pillow.
The fabric is the Diamonds in  Raspberry from Acacia which is one of Tulas earlier ranges.
And I quilted the cushion in a crosshatch design using some matching hot pink thread.
Maybe next year I will make the whole Sugar Skull quilt as the block was quite fun to make.
This project was on my FAL Q4 list for this year so linking up with the 2017 FAL team.

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  1. I love this pattern, but especially love your color scheme, it is fantastic! Thanks for linking up on behalf of the 2017 global FAL hosts. Hope you will join us for the 2018 FAL as well!