Sunday, January 31, 2016

Chicopee Feathers pillow

When I was having a tidy up recently, I found a couple of stray feathers blocks left over from the AMH Chicopee Feathers quilt made by the AusModBee members a few years ago.
I also had this 35 x 53 cm pillow form lying around and the feathers were almost the right size to join together to make a longer breakfast style pillow.
To get the blocks to the right size, I just had to add a little of the light grey solid to each side before echo quilting around each of the feathers.
I even found some of the black ladder dot binding leftover from my Feathers quilt which was almost enough to go around the pillow - just needed to add in a bit of the citron yellow from the back of the Feathers quilt.
And the pillow is backed in some of the Britten Nummer fabric which I bought a few more metres of on a recent trip to Ikea.
Now I just have to wait until it cools down so I can use the quilt on our bed again along with the matching pillow.
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This was on my FAL Q1 list for this year so linking up with the 2016 FAL team.

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  1. oh this is fun! I love that you found the blocks and had a great idea for them!

  2. I have a couple of pillows that size on my be - perfect for using when sitting up reading.
    I still have your X Factor Christmas pillow on it too - love the pop of colour it gives my room.

  3. You know I love these feathers esp with this fabric. Can't get enough! Congratulations on a beautiful finish! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

  4. Love this feathers block and it is on the "to do" list as a quilt one day. Makes a great cushion - well done