Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pretty In Pink Tote

Recently, I saw an amazing Geometric tote bag by Vanessa Christenson using her fabulous ombre fabrics.
So as soon as I saw this printed fabric I bought some as I thought it would be perfect for a bright and colourful tote bag.
Rather than making all of those HST's though, I just needed to cut out large pieces of this print to obtain the same effect.
I quilted in straight lines which created a really nice texture to the fabric.
There is a slip pocket on the inside along with a tab for keys.
And the corners are boxed to give it a nice sturdy base to stand on.
I couldn't find any leather for straps but have used some cotton webbing for the handles.
This tote finished at about 15" tall, 20" wide and 7" deep.
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  1. Great job Kirsten! That fabric is a fantastic find and you have found the perfect use for it!

  2. that is a genius move!! i love that you did not make all the HST's but got the beautiful effect of it!!! this bag is awesome