Monday, September 1, 2014

Favourite photo palette

This week, the pallette at Porch swing quilts is a little different. As we have now made our way through a rainbow of colour, Jennie suggested to use a favourite photo to make a palette from.
Firstly, a pretty floral photo as it is the first day of spring here in Australia today - this is a Double Delight rose from our garden and it has a beautiful scent too.
And as today is also my twin boys 16th birthday, this photo from our daughters formal last year came to mind. Linking up with Jennie over at Porch Swing Quilts. Next up is a Disney pic...


  1. You sure breed 'em pretty! Love your daughter's dress, she looks like a movie star. Happy B'day to your twins and happy spring!

  2. A few more hours to go in the US before it is September 1st. Happy birthday to your boys. I love both of your color palettes that you've put together. Your daughter looks like a Disney princess in her sparkly green dress.

  3. Beautiful palettes - yet it's the lovely photo of your children which is most beautiful. We also have 16year old twins, girls. As of next month we will have 5 teenagers in the family for a few months.

  4. The rose is in my favourite pink and yellow palette! But your children are the stars here! Happy birthday to the twins- don't our children grow up quick?

  5. Nice diverse range of subjects there! Happy birthday to the boys.