Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Aus Mod Bee November blocks

Yes you did read that correctly - these are the blocks from November for the Aus Mod Bee.
Luckily the next bee member is a bit late in sending her fabrics as I am just waiting on a bit more of the white to finish the 4th feather. 
Although I really would like to send these off before they get lost amongst all of my sewing stuff!
Fresh Poppy Design
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  1. better late than NEVER ay all xx get them sent!! lol x

  2. I really like the monochromatic look of these feathers. Listen, it's supposed to be fun playing in these bees. Who cares when the fabrics arrive and the blocks are returned so long as everyone had a good time?

  3. awesome feathers and worth the wait!

  4. Better late than never! Love the reds.

  5. I don't thing she would mind the wait they are amazing. Love the colors.

  6. Och it's not that late relatively speaking :o)