Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Off to the Ball...

Over the past few months my daughter and her friends have been busy with her HSC exams, and after they were all finished last week the students attended their much anticipated Year 12 Graduation Ball.
The students usually organise some type of fancy or unusual transport to arrive at the formal 
(stretch limousines, hummers, fire trucks, boat trailers, horse and cart, even a double decker red London Bus etc...) and then walk up the "red carpet" surrounded by fellow students, friends and families.
We hired this lovely old 1928 Model A Ford locally - it has been fully restored but now has a V8 engine so we could hear it coming up our street!
The jacarandas always flower here at exam time (late Oct/ early Nov) and although there are not many still flowering this late in November we did find one to take a photo under. 
Gemma has had a minty/aqua coloured dress in mind for a while now and found this dress on a US site "Promgirl". It was really beautiful and even with alterations it cost much less than we would pay here as most of the formal dresses come from the US anyway! 
And her partner managed to find an embroidered shirt to wear which suited the vintage car perfectly.
We had thunderstorms and even hail every afternoon in the week leading up to the formal, so were lucky the rain held off until later that evening so we could take a few photos.
 And lastly a family pic - after a fairly busy day with hair, nails and makeup, we had a wonderful evening
The day before the formal I received these gorgeous flowers from my family as a "thank you" which was a lovely surprise - I am quite sure that when the boys graduate in 3 years time, that it will be a lot less stressful! 


  1. She looks fabulous, well done mum! I think you're right though, far less dress shopping for the twins... ;o)

  2. Wow - looks like an amazing time was had by all.

  3. I my goodness....look how gorgeous everything is! Just stunning. Ruby's turn in two year's time....I'm scared! You look cool, calm and collected!

  4. Your daughter is beautiful. We have been through two daughters and proms and one more to go.

  5. oh how fun! I love Gemma's dress and I agree - what a beauty! So glad you had such a lovely time of celebration!

  6. So red carpet!! Just stunning. We have Jacarandas here and they look beautiful :)

  7. She is so beautiful! Must have been an amazing day for all of you!

  8. Gorgeous daughter and dress. Our Jacarandas are a bit late here in SA this year. They're in full bloom now, whereas usually it's exam time, early November.