Friday, September 20, 2013

No time to sew ...

 In between a busy few days,  I managed to make a quick trip up to Brisbane to visit the Quilts 1745-1900 exhibition at the QLD Art Gallery, just days before it is due to finish. The exhibition included many quilts from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London - the detail in them was just incredible.
My favourite quilt was the one on the right in this photo which is the Military Quilt (William Brayley, about 1880's) - it is actually made up of hundreds of tiny perfect hexagons. 
There are more details about this quilt on the V and A site here.
There was also a modern quilt display with quilts by Ruth Stoneley: A Stitch in Time which was a wonderful contrast to the V and A quilts.  I really liked her Trip Around the World quilt (sorry about this blurry iphone pic).
We have had a lot going on around here recently - our daughters 18th birthday party last week.
Our sons soccer team winning the U15 grand final 4-3 on Saturday. It was quite an exciting match as they led 3-1 at halftime and just managed to score again near the end of the game.
And our daughter graduated from high school on Tuesday. There was a lovely ceremony at her school - she still has to do her HSC exams in about a months time, and then of course attend the Graduation Ball in November. School holidays start here tomorrow so hopefully it will be a bit quieter around here for a while!


  1. So many interesting events!
    Quilt exhibitions are so inspiring (and I loved all those hand-quilted treasures).


  2. I loved that quilt by William Bayley too. It was mind boggling to think how many little pieces he'd sewn together so perfectly. It was so perfectly aligned. Thrilled you got to see it.

  3. Busy, busy, busy! But that hexie quilt - oh my goodness what a work of art.

  4. The quilt is just stunning. There is so much patience needed to make a quilt like that. congratulations to all your kids!

  5. Lots of lovely events, and those quilts are stunning!

  6. I tried to get to the quilt exhibit but left it too late and ended up too sick to go :( very disappointed. I hope I was good. Your daughter looks lovely!