Sunday, February 3, 2013

Triple Zip Along

When I visited my LQS recently, I picked up some of the Marmalade prints that I spotted on the shelf, and thought that they would be nice to use together for the Triple Zip Along hosted by Debbie at A Quilters Table.
I had a coordinating green solid which I am going to use for the lining but I only got back to Spotlight to pick up the zips the other day.
(Photo borrowed from Fionas blog)
Anyway, now Deb has the first steps posted, I am going to cut these fabrics ready for the 3ZAL to bring to the "Sew-in" at Rainbow Patchwork, where I can catch up with Fiona again. 
A Quilter’s Table
Fiona is very kindly going to help me with my zips as she has a great tutorial on her blog.
I have never inserted a zipper before but they are something I have wanted to try for a while now so this is a great opportunity to give them a go. 
The Girl Who Quilts  
Linking to the February challenge at The Girl who Quilts.


  1. oh how cool to have a zip mentor! ;-) Hope you enjoy...

  2. You'll be fine with the zips! They are not as hard as you think! Love the fabric choices for your pouch!

  3. Good luck with the zippie - I bet you'll rock it.

  4. Those fabrics are so pretty! Good luck with the zips, I think you'll be surprised how easy they end up being!

  5. Happy sewing, and what a lovely photo of you!

  6. Love the colors you're using. The orange/red/green combo is so pretty! Great pic too!

  7. Thanks for linking up! Zips are so easy, you will be surprised. ;)
    I love the triple zip...i may just have to sew along as well!