Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quilts for guys

I know that I am not alone in finding it difficult to find masculine quilt fabrics and patterns suitable for the men in our life. The only one I have done so far is a quilt I made for my dad last year for his 70th birthday using  Sweetwaters "Authentic", which was a perfect choice as the numbers were just right for his love of Sudoku:)
So now I am trying to gather ideas to make a decent sized "manly" quilt for each of my teenage sons.  I have a FQ set of Curious Nature here and I would like to make them something that will last them as they grow older.  
Photo from Crazy Old Ladies
I was fortunate enough to win a copy of Emily Herricks amazing "Geared for Guys"  book recently too - there are lots of wonderful ideas for "guy" quilts in the book. My favourite one in the book is the Urban Decay quilt by John at Quilt Dad which is featured on the cover, although the "Gamer" quilt is awesome too and would be perfect for my youngest son.

1. Curious Nature Crosses, Water and Woods, 2. City for my Sis, 3. Katy's Quilt, 4. Michaels Quilt Front, 5. gamer quilt, 6. Neptune Quilted, 7. green to blue quilt, 8. Banff Quilt Front, 9. plus quilt in corn, 10. Oliver's Zig Zag, 11. City Lights Quilt, 12. Plus-Quilt, 13. Mosaic14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

The mosaic above is from some of my flickr favourites -  I especially love the 2 Plus quilts in the middle that Carla made. I made a Plus quilt last year and I really love it so I am keen to make another one (or two). It is almost spring here now in Australia so I hope to have them ready for winter next year.......and maybe do one for my hubby for our 20th anniversary next year too.


  1. This will be a new challenge from your bright quilts, and DS quilts! Great ideas though.

  2. I love that David Butler range of fabrics- it is a perfect fit for teenage sons! I look forward to seeing what you make!

  3. I have a bundle of this at home too...saving it up though. I love the dark colours in it!

  4. Sounds like some great projects to tackle, good luck :o)

  5. Thanks for the mention! Have you seen David Butler's/Parson Gray's new line, 7 Wonders? You can see it on Fat Quarter Shop's "Coming Soon" page. It is really nice!

  6. I am making a quilt for my Husband too. I showed him curious nature, which I loved, but he went 'meh'. So I found wool & needle flannels by primitive gatherings for Moda. He loved the colours. After many suggestions in regard to patterns guess what he likes best. Squares. Just plain squares with a wide border. At least it won't take long. Good luck with your men!

  7. I so understand what you mean about boys' quilts! I saw that book and wondered...thanks for sharing your thoughts on it!

    I love your stash stack you'll be making a "manly" quilt from! It's funny, your flickr favorites are some of mine too!

    It's getting into Autumn here in the States. I envy your warmer weather coming! Take care!

  8. I've had the same problem deciding a great pattern and fabrics to use for my teenage son's quilt early this year too. I've used a few of Denyse Schmidt's Greenfield Hill (dogwood line)prints with a mix of essex linen/cotton and used Kate Conklin's There's A Square In There pattern.
    Love your bundle and good luck with your makes!
    Thanks for sharing those great projects too.

  9. Oh I'm loving your inspiration! I've had a zig zag quilt in mind for my husband for a while now using solids. Your stash looks awesome!!

  10. Lots of goody guy quilt ideas! I've made 'My Guy' and 'Band Together' by FunQuilts (sorry, I'm forgetting their new name) - I think alot of their quilts are good for guys. Also Oh Fransson's 'New Wave' is a nice one...