Friday, February 24, 2012

DSQ Daisy Mae

I popped into Spotlight before work this morning and found lots of lovely DSQ Daisy mae on the shelves:
I think there were 31 prints altogether. 
I already had a FQ bundle sent to be by a friend from the US which I am using for my Swoon quilt - this is the first and only block I have done so far: 
So I just bought a metre of one of the prints to use as a binding:



  1. Don't you just love Daisy Mae! Great choice for binding!

  2. Just 1 metre? How abstemious of you. I wish I could say I was as restrained today at the quilt show I went to... ;o)

  3. Obviously your local store is organised. Mine had them wrapped in plastic on the trolley still. hehehe. I found some old DS prints scattered amongst the regular bolts was a bit like a treasure hunt.