Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Stash - Salty Aire

I have been stalking  frequently looking in our local Spotlight store to see if the Salty Aire fabrics were in yet as they had been expected earlier this month, and finally yesterday there were 10 bolts on the shelves:
 At the moment there is 50% off selected quilting fabrics too so these were a really great buy:) Hopefully the other 4 prints will show up this week too.......
I am thinking of making a "Plus" quilt using a mix of all of the Denyse Schmidt fabrics which I have so far from Spotlight in Australia..........


  1. I love the warmer color prints at the bottom of the top picture! It was like going on a little treasure hunt at Joann's the other morning trying to spot all the new DS prints as they seem unwilling to actually group them together and instead have them spread over about 5 aisles! I think your plan for the plus quilt sounds excellent!

  2. Really like the fabric. And the plus quilt seems like a good idea. Look forward to seeing it.

  3. I am getting more anymore jealous about Spotlight and the constant deals there. Why is there nothing like this for quilters in the UK?! Great fabric buy though!

  4. Gorgeous fabric! I agree it would look great making it a plus quilt :)

  5. Those all look so gorgeous together! I still don't understand why there was no attempt made to get these into Canada. I've been picking up the US prints on etsy, but Australia really go the better colorway.