Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday

First on my "to do" list for this week is a bit of a redo of one of the bee blocks that I made for Bronwyn the other day as I had orientated the top left corner incorrectly! Luckily it is quite an easy fix and I am relieved that hadn't mailed the blocks on Monday after work as I had planned to - sometimes these little mistakes are more obvious to others looking with fresh eyes:)
And because it is almost the end of April, I need to get all of these fabrics cut up to send out to my AusMod Bee members as May is my month. After seeing Lorenas beautiful AMH feathers in January, I decided to ask my bee group to do similar ones using these Chicopee fabrics with an ash grey background. Quite a few of us purchased the temples for these so it will be good to get some more use out of them. Just hope I have enough fabric here...
And although the past few days have been like summer, it is cooling down here of an evening so I have dug out some crochet projects to do while watching TV. I promised to make my daughter a scarf in this lovely mustardy coloured yarn that she chose, but we could only find one ball last year. I have been looking for some more since then and have had no luck but I think the one 100g ball will be enough to make a simple scarf for her.
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  1. Those chicopee feathers will sure be incredible!

  2. Thanks goodness for an easy fix! The block looks great, and that stack of fabrics is just yummy.

  3. It took me ages to find the mistake! The feathers will be great!

  4. Wow, these fabrics look wonderful!
    Good luck with the scarf :)


  5. A Chicopee feather quilt is going to be SO beautiful! - such rich, gorgeous colours.

  6. What a beautiful batch of colors and patterns! Love the eye you have for pulling fabric for a project!

    Seam rippers are our best friends, aren't they!

    Here in the States, we're shedding our heavy winter clothing and gearing up for a warmer spring. Your scarf is lovely!

  7. Chicopee feathers will be gorgeous!

  8. Glad you could get your block sorted, and looking forward to seeing those feathers!

  9. Oh that chicopee is going to be gorgeous with ash grey! At least you caught the mistake in the block before mailing it out!

  10. Wow, that bundle of fabric is just yummy!
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