Monday, May 14, 2018

Aussie Ipad Pouch

For Mothers Day this year, I decided to make my mum a pouch for her new ipad as she is about to have a knee replacement operation later this week .
She will be using her ipad more often in the upcoming weeks as she recovers so I wanted to make her something pretty to keep it in.
The fabric features some of our colourful Australia birds including the Kookaburra and the Red-tailed Black cockatoo which is one of my mothers favourites.
I quilted the fabric to some bag batting to make the ipad case more sturdy then bound it in the lime green solid before giving it to her for Mothers Day.
This was on my Q2 FAL list for this year so linking up with the 2018 FAL team.

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  1. It is beautiful and I hope you mom loved it and is recovering well. Thanks for linking up on behalf of the 2018 global Finish-A-Long hosts.