Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Quick Brown Fox pillow

 The Quick Brown Fox pillow was made using the Fancy Fox quilt pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.
This was the initial fabric pull for the fox pillow...
I ended up not using the C&S dark brown on the far left as the black eyes blended in too much with it.
The Henna fox is probably my favourite one:) 
I added a border to the four foxes to bring the pillow up to about 20" square.
I used my hera marker to mark out a cross hatch style grid for quilting the pillow. 
And it is bound with a wood grain print from Juliana Horners "Modbox" range
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This was on my FAL Q1 list for this year so linking up with Adrianne @ On The Windy Side.
2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. These foxes make for a very cute pillow Kirsten!

  2. Very cute pillow, I love the little foxes :)

  3. Gorgeous - is this for the Marsala colour challenge too?

  4. Now you just need a lazy dog to model it over ;o)

  5. This is really fun! The only thing missing is a pair of glasses on one of those hipster foxes.

  6. Adorable! Another contender for the Marsala challenge perhaps?

  7. Marsala is just the perfect color for these fox faces! Very cute!

  8. What a fun use for the marsala color! And the name makes me laugh because I have typed that so many times in my many years of computer & typewriting work. :) Love the quilting, too!