Thursday, March 12, 2015

Marsala Maples quilt

The Marsala Modern Maples quilt is all done! All of the leaves were made from a selection of Denyse Schmidt prints which were all from my stash.
The background fabric is like a Basic Grey "Grunge" fabric so there are areas of mottled light and darker grey - I love how the prints glow against it. 
In fact the entire quilt was made from fabrics and batting in my stash so this is a true #sewmystash2015 quilt!! The fabrics are from many of the Denyse Schmidt ranges including Flea Market Fancy, Chicopee, Picadilly, Aunt Edna, Hope Valley, Richmond, Sugar Creek and Winding Road.
I used the Serpentine stitch on my new sewing machine to quilt this - I love how it has turned out and will definitely be using it again!
I used some of the Ikea numbers fabric for the backing  - it was just not quite wide enough so I added a strip of print to make it up to size.
I bound it in a woodgrain print which is also happens to be very Marsala-ish in colour
And of course my little quilt inspector had to come and check it out:)
Quilt Stats:
Size: 59 x70"
Fabrics: Denyse Schmidt, 
Backing: Ikea Britten Nummer, Denyse Schmidt
Quilted: Serpentine stich by me:)
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This project was on my FAL Q1 list for this year so also linking up with Adrianne @ On The Windy Side.
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  1. This turned out lovely! I love the marsala in the mix - just perfect. Hoping you add the finish to the Modern Maples group! ;-)

  2. The grunge fabric is perfect for that cloudy/sunny day look. It must feel good making it completely from your stash, even having the batting. How is your new sewing machine going? Are you best friends now? I always think it takes a few projects to get to know one another.

  3. Awwww! Hi kitten!
    Now I love DS prints and here they look fab. What I think I like best about this quilt, though, is how it's laid out with a bit of neutral space and nicely balanced but asymmetrical leaves. Gorgeous finish.

  4. The prints do indeed glow against the background. What a beautiful finish!

  5. This is lovely Kirsten! I spy a few fabrics that are also making their way into my Marsala quilt :-) Make sure you link up with the Marsala challenge when the linky party opens in April!

  6. Fun, the background fabric makes like the leaves are airborne. props for using stash fabrics.

  7. That gradient! I love the color range on this, and the maple blocks are a great choice for featuring marsala. Beautiful work!