Tuesday, March 11, 2014

FMF Lounge pants

One of my favourite fabric designers is Denyse Schmidt and I really love her Flea Market Fancy fabrics which fortunately were recently re-released for those of us who weren't into sewing the first time 'round!
So when I found some of the Bouquet print in turquoise locally I bought some to make some PJ/lounge pants from. These were my first attempt at making clothes since my teenagers were little but were fairly easy to sew as they just have an elasticised waist and drawstring tie.
Now we are coming into autumn here Down Under, these comfy pants are perfect to wear during the cooler nights. This fabric is actually made from rayon so is lovely and soft and drapes beautifully.
Finish Along 2014
This is one of my FAL projects for the first quarter FAL hosted by Katy at The Littlest Thistle.
Fresh Poppy Design
Also linking to Fabric Tuesday at Quiltstory.


  1. What a beautiful treat to wear these too. You will feel the soft fabric while still filling your eyes with their happy colours.

  2. Lovely Kirsten! Did you buy it at Spotlight? Rayon, who knew?

  3. Great! I just bought a pattern for PJs too and am wondering what fabric I should use. Maybe cotton is a good choice!

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  5. Very nice Kirsten! (sorry, the above comment was me, accidentally with a different account, you can delete it!)

  6. so sweet! I love them! I didn't realise that rayon was good for sewing clothes with.

  7. Very noice. Fairly luxe pj pants you have there!