Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shot cotton "solids" quilt

I have been trying to look for a pattern for a decent sized quilt to make using my bundle of Kaffe Fasset shot cottons.  I had originally though of using them for the Kaleidoscope QA at Don't Call Me Betsy and whilst they would still look nice with something like a charcoal grey solid, I really just want to use only these fabrics in the quilt so I need a fairly simple pattern which has neither sashing or borders.
From top to bottom the colours are:  Persimmon, Bittersweet, Tangerine,Sunshine, Butter, Lime, Moss, Pool, Jade, Eucalyptus, Cobalt, Moor, Galvanised 
(and now I also have "Watermelon" - not pictured)
There are a lot of great patterns around that are suitable for "solids" only - the "Plus Quilt" at In Color Order is one I have wanted to try for a while now, and another lovely one is "Basic Puzzle" from Amy Ellis' book "Modern Basics". There are also a few books which have a lot of wonderful geometric designs using just solid fabrics: "City Quilts" by Cherry House quilts, and also "The Modern Quilt Workshop" and "Quilts Made Modern" both by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr.
But browsing through flickr the other day, I saw a quilt made with the Piano Keys pattern from Spool. On the Spool blog they have a few pictures of a beautiful "Shot Cotton Surprise" quilt  as well as the same pattern made in other fabrics and they all look amazing!
I have more of some of the colours than others so I have drawn up a {very} rough sketch of what I would like to do using the colours/amounts of fabrics that I have - this quilt should finish being a good twin size and I will still have some fabric leftover for other projects.


  1. I think that this quilt will looks beautiful. The density of colour in those fabrics is fantastic. They are almost jewel like. Looking forward to seeing this quilt develope.

  2. I have to ask: What, exactly, is shot cotton? (I'm assuming it's not manufactured by rednecks who use it for target practice) ;D