Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sunday Stash - Slow and Steady

I made a trip to my LQS store recently and added some "Slow and Steady" Tortoise and Hare prints to my Tula stash.
Many of the other Slow and Steady prints have already been used in my 100 Blocks City Sampler quilt (#kirstenscitysampler on IG)  but I needed few more which I can also use in the Hexagon quilt which I am planning to do soon.
Now, I am just waiting on an acrylic template to make the cutting of the extra hexagons easier...
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  1. Wow, love those fabrics, too good to be called "Stash" maybe, have them on view to look at every day.

  2. Hi Kirsten! Oh, gorgeus fabrics! That will be fantastic quilt! x Teje