Thursday, April 30, 2015

Outlander craft swap

This week I mailed off another swap package for the Outlander Craft Swap on IG.
I was on #teamLallybroch and decided to make my partner a pillow using a fabulous paper pieced kilt pattern by Juliet @ Tartankiwi
The pillow is bordered in a celtic print fabric -  I added in the kilt pin for decoration so it can be removed by my swap partner later on if she wishes.
The pillow is backed in a deer print home dec weight fabric as the deer features on Jamie Frasers' clan crest in the series.
I also made a zip pouch using a few fabrics also following the "Outlander" theme - some dragonflies for the second book "Dragonfly in Amber", Scottish thistles and more deer.
And a couple of extra items for my partner - a notebook with deer and roses for Claire (the English rose) and some Scotch finger Shortbread biscuits.
And I included a card made using a photo of the Australian Standing Stones monument at Glenn Innes, NSW, Australia which I took a few years ago. The annual Celtic festival is being held there this weekend but there are severe weather and possible flood warnings current in our area so we decided not to risk going away - maybe next year...

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  1. That is a terrific cushion! You did an awesome job. Stay safe with all the wet weather.

  2. What a brilliant package yo have put together! I love the fabrics you have used on the cushion/pillow, and what a fun design. The kilt pin is the perfect accessory!

  3. What a great swap package. I loved the first few books in this series.

  4. You just know I'm going to ask what he's wearing under that kilt! I have heard that the books were great, but I haven't seen the series. Great idea for a swap.

  5. Trust that Kirsty! Love this little cushion, you nailed it!

  6. I am catching up on missed blog-posts in Bloglovin' Kirsten, so am late seeing this. What an awesome swap package! - your cushion is just so fun, you've used perfect fabrics, and I love the big safety pin! All your extras are just spot on. I bet your partner loved it. x