Saturday, October 11, 2014

Finish Along Q4 lots to do list...

Well, we are up to the last quarter for the year and I have quite a few things planned. Firstly, some that I didn't get done last quarter..and then a few more projects leading up to Christmas.
 1. Poolside tote: now the weather is warming up here, I would love a larger beach bag as I never have enough room for all our gear!
2. Weekender Bag bag: I am using Chicopee fabric for this and have made a start on the side pockets already. 
3. A friend has asked me to make her some Noodlehead Super Totes which she will give as Christmas gifts and has left the fabric selection up to me so I am keen to try out a few new fabric combos:) I have already begun cutting the fabrics out and ironing on the interfacing...
4. Nova Tote by Three Owls Handmade:  I got some of the lovely Moonshine deer fabric at my LQS recently and am planning on combining it with some AMH...
5. A Sew Together Bag for a gift: I already have this one cut out ready to sew.
6. IG mini swap - I have already made a few blocks for this mini which is due at the beginning of December.
7. A birthday bag for my mum - quite a belated gift already as her birthday was a few months ago. I am using some of the beautiful "August" fabrics from Cotton and Steel, along with some Cloud 9 canvas.
8. Paper piecing project: I have the pattern printed out and some fabrics selected for this one which needs to be done fairly soon...
9. Sew Sew Modern 6 swap: This swap is not due for a while yet but I would like to get the items done before Christmas so I am not rushing at the end. My partner likes lots of colour so I am planning on using some Anna Maria Horner fabrics for this project.
10. And a last minute addition to this list: a quilt that I am pattern testing for a quilty friend "across the ditch" Adrianne @ "On The Windy Side". I have chosen some fabric to use as I dont think I have quite enough charms to make this pattern....
So that is my list for the last quarter of the FAL hosted by Katy @ The Littlest Thistle.


  1. I see you got yourself to Spotlight too! I bought lots of that lovely DS fabric, now what to do with it? Good luck with all your plans - hope you have a strong finish for the year.

  2. Wow Kirsten! Great projects and gorgeus Fabrics! Good Luck! x Teje

  3. The Anna Maria Horner set!! And the Moonshine Deer... I'm in love.

  4. oh wow. That's quite the list! Good luck! I'd get the WE over right away - the rest will seem like a breeze!

  5. That looks like quite a good list Kirsten!!

  6. You are going to be busy (in a good way). I always like a list. Do you find it helps you too? Those pockets from Chicopee are looking very cute.

  7. WOW! That is some list Kirsten! And so many bags too! Good luck, all the projects look lovely!

  8. Beautiful fabrics and great plans. Good luck.