Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tuesday at the Table : Coconut Lime Syrup Cake

I was watching Better Homes and Gardens on TV last Friday night whilst binding my Sea Breezey mini quilt and they showed how to make this quick and easy cake. I didn't get a chance to write down the exact recipe from BHG but found a similar one from Taste here
I had all of the ingredients available and just had to grab a couple of limes from our tree,  so after soccer on Saturday afternoon I cooked this cake ready to take to a craft get-together on Sunday.  Even my teenage sons commented on how nice the limes smelled as I was making the syrup. I am not really into cooking but this is definitely one of those recipes that I will be making again as it was really delicious!

Pop on over to A Quilters Table where Debbie has a great list of "foodie" books to read. I have only read a couple on her list including Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel and Peaches for Monsieur le Cure: A Novel (Chocolat sequel) by Joanne Harris who also wrote Chocolat. I think there is a bit of a theme here:)


  1. oh this sounds delish! It was fun to see you did a Tuesday at the Table post. ;-)

  2. This cake looks so scrummy. And I love the way you 'grabbed a couple of limes from your tree' - how lovely! I

  3. Oh yes, just grab a lime off the tree, that's what I always do... ;o)