Monday, August 20, 2012

DS Richmond fabrics

In preparation for the upcoming Denyse Schmidt Doll quilt swap (round 3), I bought the 12 new DS "Richmond" fabrics from Spotlight last week..
 As usual, we seem to have a few Aussie only prints - the salmony colour on the bottom print is really lovely, and the stripes would be perfect for binding. There is a photo of the ones available in the US here.
Some of these prints are on a black background so they are a bit more masculine in style and colour - they remind me a bit of the Greenfield Hill range.
Sign-ups for the swap have now closed so we should find out our secret partners for the DS doll quilt swap later this week - and also the theme of the swap this time around. Can't wait:)


  1. These are pretty! I guess I missed there were any in the US (I know where have I been?) but came across some Friday & got several yards of the black with blue & green dots - just really like that one! Anyway - enjoy! Is this your fav swap?? ;-)

  2. They're so pretty... can't wait to see your doll quilt design using those prints!

  3. They're gorgeous kirsten! I may need to stay away from spotlight, they're just too tempting...

  4. Must have missed them in my local Spottie the other day ! Just as well as I am on a fabric diet! Your selection will make a great doll quilt!

  5. These are fabulous! but they never seem to arrive in the UK!!