Sunday, July 15, 2012

Zakka Style Sew along - Elephant bookmark.

I love elephants and have been collecting them for about 30 years now, so I couldn't possibly skip making this little ele bookmark as part of the Zakka style sew along.
Angela at Fussy Cut had a few tips for making this bookmark but I still had trouble turning this out although I only used a light interfacing - the trunk was probably the trickiest part.
I used one of my favourite prints from Ruby - Sundae scallops in lime and a scrap of fabric for the ear. 
Anyway, I love it and will use it all the time!
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  1. So cute!! Perfect bookmark for a great book! If you haven't already read it..."Ape House" is an amazing book by the same author!

  2. Such a cute and lovely elephant bookmark!


  3. I just knew you would be making one of these! Yours is very sweet. I'm so happy that one of my own elephants is now a part of your collection!