Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One thing one week - still Swooning!

Amy is encouraging us to try and finish one thing this week - and my one thing to do is to try and sew up at least one more swoon block. I have all the pieces cut ready to stitch together.
I have made 3 blocks already but still have 6 to go, so if I do one more then I am {almost} halfway!
It is school holidays here so this is something I can manage with the kids home - even if I can't start sewing until after mid morning (or lunchtime) as my teenage sons don't wake up until then.......................
Amy's Creative Side


  1. Seeing your beautiful Swoon blocks inspires me to work on mine!

  2. Love Daisy Mae in grey. She makes a lovely Swoon.

  3. your swoon blocks are so pretty

  4. Good for you. Keep going! My fabric for these blocks is still in the cupboard. I'll just watch you make yours for now : D

  5. Good luck with the swoon! As for the sewing time, you're far too nice, my parents used to blast me with classical music at weekends from about 9 am o.O