Monday, December 26, 2016

Xmas Gift Bags

As part of my "handmade" Christmas, I decided to make some bags in a few styles and sizes for gift giving.
There are so many festive fabrics around so this was a great opportunity to use some of them in gift bags which can be reused.
The first ones I made were a satchel style bag which folded over and was easily secured with some ribbon and a button.
Then I used the Lined Drawstring Bag tutorial by Jeni @ In Color Order to make a few more bags.
I adjusted the pattern to make some of different sized bags to use for a bottle of wine and also a tiny gift one suitable for some jewellery.
My favourite bags are probably the cute Koala drawstring bag and the sparkly reindeer gift bag. 
And they looked so cute amongst the wrapped gifts under the tree.
2016 FAL
This was on my FAL Q4 list for this year so linking up with the 2016 FAL team.



  1. And extra gift included Kirsten! I hope some of the gift bags come back to you next year!

  2. Awesome! We love fabric gift bags. I'm hoping to make a few more this week as a head start for next year!

  3. These are wonderful - well done on the finish. Reusable fabric wrapping has been on my to do list for more years than I would like to remember .... maybe next year!!