Friday, September 30, 2016

Cuddly Koala cushion

One of Kristy @ Quiet Plays patterns that I have wanted to make for a while is the cute Koala from the Zoo series.
 The pattern was fairly easy to do but the eyes were certainly a challenge - such tiny pieces!!
Once the koala was pieced, I decided to make it into a cushion so added some borders to make it fit an 18" pillow form.
And did some cross hatch quilting before binding it in the pale blue.
The perfect spot for a photo of the finished cushion was in front of a eucalyptus tree.
And I even found a koala in one of the gum trees at the university near where I live.
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This was on my FAL Q3 list for this year so linking up with the 2016 FAL team.
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  1. That pillow is adorable! I love Koalas!

  2. Lovely Kirsten! The koala is very, very cute!

  3. So cute pillow!!! It's amazing that you have those koalas climbing in trees. I think I have never seen one, not even in the zoo :)

  4. Great job, it really looks perfect.

  5. The little guy made me smile. Nice finish.

  6. Cute cushion! I'm sure the real koala appreciated it! Congratulations on the finish and thanks for linking up to the FAL quarter three on behalf of your team of hosts

  7. I love this cushion! I just bought the zoo animals pattern from Quiet Play and the Koala is the second on my list, after I make the monkey. I plan to do cushions, too, and was going to just use more background to make it big enough. But I like your border so much I think I will do that instead! It's lovely!