Friday, May 27, 2011

They're here................................

At last the long awaited Denise Schmidt Picnic and Fairgrounds fabrics have made their way to Spotlight stores here in Australia. I was a bit worried earlier this week with an impending wharfies strike that they would be sitting in a shipping container for weeks on the docks but I have just been into my local Spotlight store and bought myself a bundle of these beautiful fabrics!
 And these are the Australia exclusive fabrics - lots of lovely mustardy yellows and navy  blue to go with the red, green and aqua!
Spotlight are actually having a pillowcase challenge on at the moment - if you make some pillowcases (which will be donated to a local charity) you could win a voucher. These are the ones I took in earlier this week.
Off to play with my new fabrics which have actually arrived before the ones I ordered from the US over a month ago!


  1. oh lovely! aren't you lucky to get some! I have all the us prints and the aussie ones complement them so nicely!


  2. I am so sad that the ones I sent you haven't shown up yet! I'll write you tonight when I'm not on my phone

  3. I love those yellows. It's not worth it (money-wise) for me to try and buy a couple and have them shipped to the U.S but it's tempting!