Sunday, September 1, 2013

A very special Sunday...

Today is Fathers Day here in Australia, and it is also my twins sons 15th birthday. 
The photo above was taken the day we arrived home from hospital, about a week after they were born - the boys didn't even fill out the 00000 Bonds jumpsuits.

We began today with a big cooked breakfast..
And we have just got back from a lovely afternoon at the beach swimming and playing beach soccer, followed by some ice cream.
Gotta love a fun car trip:)
And the best thing is that later this evening there will be double the cake! Happy birthday boys and Happy Fathers Day - love you!!


  1. Such a special day for your family - the weather was certainly perfect for you today...J

  2. Extra special celebrations at your place! What a way to start spring! We also have 15 year old twins - girls - but it's not their birthday.

  3. always need double cake xx and waht a wonderful reason to celebrate xx

  4. Happy Birthday and happy Fathers Day! Lucky you to go to the beach and get 2 cakes

  5. Nice to share birthdays and Father's Day with some of the lovely weather we had here too recently. 30 yesterday 18 and rain today!
    Looks like a lovely family day :-)