Thursday, September 1, 2011

First day of Spring

The first of September is the start of Spring in the Southern hemisphere and it is also my twin sons 13th Birthday! 
 Who would have thought that these two little boys who only weighed 4lb 10 oz and 5lb 8 oz when they were born:
 would have turned into such wonderful young men who love their soccer, rugby, softball and cricket; are very good at school, particularly maths; enjoying playing games together on the playstation; are great mates most of the time; wear size 10 shoes and are both now taller than me - although in saying that I am rather vertically challenged :)
 Wishing you both a very happy birthday - hope you have a great day Flynn and Conor. 
Love, Mum.

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  1. Hope your twins have a wonderful birthday. You have every right to be incredibly proud.